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imageimageimageMOUTH INDIE FOOD BOX. MAY 2014

So far every bite of food I have received from Mouth has been delectable.  They most obviously taste test their foods before offering them up to the public.  The company offers a rare opportunity to try and love handmade and small batch foods made by people with love and fine ingredients.  My local market is beginning to recognize the fantastic reusable MOUTH bag that comes with each order.  That being said The May box of Indie Foods included:

GREY GHOST BAKERY LEMON SUGAR COOKIES.  From Columbia, S.C. These cookies made from natural ingredients are so delicious and fresh that you would swear they just came out of the oven.  Not overly sweet with bits of soft lemon peel that lingers in your mouth.  I cannot recommend these cookies enough. Find them at or  You won’t be disappointed.

JONTY JACOBS BILTONG from Brooklyn, N.Y.  Forget everything you thought you knew about beef jerky.  Jonty Jacobs uses a South African method of beef drying that produces a tender steak jerky using jus fine beef! salt! brown sugar, vinegar and a perfect blend of spices.  No artificial anything and taste aplenty.

FRITTLE CANDY ORIGINAL FRITTLE from Indianapolis, In.  Who knew they were right up the road from me.  Like peanut brittle, yet not.  Vegan and gluten free.  Made from peanut butter, sugar, corn syrup and salt.  These little squares are full of handcrafted sweet flavor.

WILLAMETTE VALLEY CONFECTIONARY CHINESE FIVE SPICE & SESAME BRITTLE of P Portland Or.  Sesame candies brought to a new level of tastiness.  I would never have thought of adding such spices to sesame candy and yet now that I have tried it I cannot imagine sesame candy without it.  Made with natural, non gmo, ingredients.  http://willamettevalley

DOUX SOUTH HONEY KISSED TURNIPS of Decatur, Ga.  Pickled turnips? No way would I have ever purchased such a thing.  Yet, MOUTH consistently provides quality foods.  So I decided to trust them, overcome my natural aversion, and surprise I am a fan of these pickled turnips.  Organic pickles made from Tokyo turnips, fresh rosemary, thyme, garlic, sweet onion, celery and yellow mustard and a honey finish.

HONEY PAX RAW TUPELO HONEY of Tallahasee, Fl.  Once you’ve gone  tupelo honey…  Straight from the source. Florida’s tupelo honey is only harvested a few weeks of every year.  For pure unadulterated sweetness get yourself some of this.


One thought on “MOUTH INDIE FOOD BOX. MAY 2014

  1. Just found this post! Thanks for the complements, Lisa! We are glad you enjoyed our Lemon Sugar cookies!

    Katherine Frankstone
    Owner & Chief Baker
    Grey Ghost Bakery


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