Fancy mania.

Received  two boxes today.  As I feel a moral obligation to test everything and taste everything I am plum tuckered out and oddly content.

Fancy Food subscription box was more than I imagined.  It contained the following:

1. Waku Sweater Cup and Saucer Set.  Beautifully designed porcelain set perfect for afternoon tea during a winter afternoon.  $14

2.  Baru Fleur de Sel Caramel Chocolate Marshmallows.  We ate them all, quickly.  They are divine.  A perfect melding of all the ingredients into a sumptuous square of delight.  $14

3.  Kusmi Tea BB Detox.  Normally I run away from anything that says detox, but that moral obligation thing.  Well what a surprise on a cold afternoon.  The tea is yummy, the scent of grapefruit invigorating and the dash of dandelion ingenious.  $20

4.  Gilded Nut. No 2 Mediterranean Herb and No 3 Habanero Heat.  We didn’t eat them all yet, just half of each package.  They are very very good.  Who knew you could do this with pistachio nuts (does anyone remember when they used to dye them red)? $6 per package, 2 packages.

5. Trufa Seca Dry Truffle Sausage.  Batch 27 pork with black truffles wrapped in waxed paper (no nasty plastic here).  It was delicious while it lasted.  A little slice here, a little slice there, and gone.

Fancy subscription box.  What a box!  It contained the following:

1.  Motherfuckas That Owe Me Money notebooks (2).  50 pages where the dividing lines are composed of symbols for money.  Lucky there were 2 or there would have been a knock down fight for possession.  These are sublime.  Would make great gifts but we are not sharing.  Guess I will have to order a few more for those near and dear.  $15

2.  AIAIAI Pipe earbuds.  Impressively designed with optional sized ear attachments.  Barely saw them as my 13 year old nicked them.  He says they work great, okay he didn’t really talk just gave me a thumbs up.  $70

3.  Quay Fleur Sunglasses.  Black on black With UV protection.  Balanced nicely on my face, weight and construction very good.  Flattering design.  Cut the glare from the snow.  I just can’t wear them as I am blind as a bat and require prescription glasses.  I am as a result very picky about my glasses and these pass with flying colors.  $60

4.  Fred Bombs Away Shot Glasses.  Clever, clever, clever.  Chilled the vodka perfectly when left on the back porch (colder out there than my freezer).  Set of two $18

5.  Glovely Classic Gloves. Touchscreen compatible with samsung and iPhone.  Kept my hands warm in zero degrees while clutching my frozen steering wheel.  Fit nicely and the magnetic ability to stay together is just nifty.  Yes, nifty, especially when they fall to the floor of your car in the pile of unwanted mail that I will throw out as soon as it warms up. $20

6.  Paddywax Travel Candle Tin, Literary Edition.  I received Edgar Allan Poe.  Cardamom, absynth and sandalwood.  Really nice combination of scents, not overpowering.  Burns nicely.  $10


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