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LILY LOLO LIP GLOSS full size Scandalips.  Smells like chocolate and is the exact shade of the pink peonies blooming in my yard.  Silky feeling, not sticky. The vitamin E and jojoba oil actually soften my lips with each use.  I have been loving on the LILY LOLO products I have been introduced to in recent boxes.

DR ALKAITIS SOOTHING GEL.  Their philosophy is “if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”.  I can totally get on board with that.  Organic and made of raw ingredients of aloe and witch hazel this gel works wonders on shaving burns and bug bites (tried), as well as waxing, facial peels and sunburn.  Antibacterial too.

ALIMA PURE SHIMMER EYESHADOW IN HELLEBORE.  Organic minerals mixed together to produce a beautiful shadow of golden flecked rose.  So highly pigmented a little goes a long way.  I have become a big fan of ALIMA products the colors are amazing and the quality outstanding.

RED FLOWER ORANGE QUINCE STEAM ROOM MIST.  A mixture of quince, grapefruit, rose and neroli produces a exceptional light scent that doesn’t trigger my allergies.  I have had mixed opinions of some Red Flower products, but this mist is a prize winner.

PRIMAVERA MOISTURE CREAM in calming chamomile borage.  Lightly scented and a light moisturizer that can be worn during the day.  Made of natural products and 70 percent organic.  Great for sensitive skin and/or sensitive areas.

W3LL PEOPLE MAI COUTURE HEDONIST BRONZER.  This company just keeps on performing new heights of artistry.  All natural organic ingredients with no parables, no petrochemicals, no silicones, no glycols, no sulphates, no dyes, no preservatives.  Lots and lots of exceptional color  and performance.  This BRONZER can be used as blush, tanner, eyeshadow or whatever you think of.  Look good and feel good as you don’t have to worry about what might be in your beauty product.  My super allergic and sensitive skin has never had a reaction to their products.



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