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THE HEALTHY TRUNK by TASTE TRUNK.  A one time trunk for which a monthly subscription is available.  Taste Trunks are beautifully wrapped and contain well curated foods from around the country.

LILLIE’S Q   CAROLINA DIRT barbeque rub.  A perfect blend of spices that create a superb barbeque flavor.  Use as a rub, flavor, or mix with Apple juice to create a marinade.  Compliments pork and chicken splendidly.

FIONA’S NATURAL FOODS. TRAIL MIX & GRANOLA. A Boulder Colorado Company specializing in small batch nutritious foods.

TRAIL MIX.  A raw, gluten free, cholesterol free, vegan mix of nuts, seeds and fruits.  I received the Jungle Blend. Delicious, fresh and very satisfying.

GRANOLA.  Toasted Almond Blend.  Wheat free, dairy free, salt free.  Made with organic grains and agave nectar.  Toasty, rich, and absolutely delicious.

SUZIE’S ORGANIC MUSTARD by BARHYTE.  Just finished making our own mustard  when this box arrived.  Not only is SUZIE’S more tasty, but it even tasted fresher than homemade.  This is the ONLY yellow mustard I will use.

HIMALAYAN SALT BLOCK.  Salt deposits in the Himalayan mountains are approximately 44 million years old.  How fascinating is that?  This block of salt is a work of beauty in and of itself.  Alas, it is a cooking slab.  Luckily I received 2, so one is going in the kitchen, the other with our rock collection.  A salt block is antiseptic and antibacterial so can be used again and again.  For cooking instructions please see the Gourmet Trunk review.

Overall a carefully curated box of splendid and tasty foods.  I was very impressed with the selection and taste testing that went into this box.image



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