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This is is the first T-Pain curated box.  It included:

WHITE PIXEL SUNGLASSES. Well made quirky sunglasses.  The 13 year old thought they cool enough to claim as his.

GET THE HINT NOTES.  2 packs of  adhesive labels  with the F Word the prominent quote.  Made by Worldwide co.  Fun and useful.  Better than your average post it.

CAMERA LENS MUG.  Nicely made stainless lined screw top mug.  Slide top sip opener.

BASS GUITAR STRING BRACELET black.  Wear Your Music.Org wrap around bracelet craftily made with guitar strings.

MICHAEL JORDAN MACBOOK DECAL.  Nice sticker print of Jordan you could attach to anything that catches your fancy.

HOW TO TRAUMATIZE YOUR CHILDREN published by KnockKnock.  Booklet, sometimes, humorous, on how to purposefully or inadvertently traumatize your kids.


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