May Petbox is chock full of dog goodies this month.

RED BARN NATURALS Canned Dog Food in Stewey Louie.  No fillers, no grain, no artificial flavors.  Beef stew with broccoli, potatoes and bully sticks.  My dogs wolfed it down.  Lucky they sent 2 cans.

CRUNCH WOOFS IN CHEDDAR CHEESE.  Microwave Dog Treat.  You put them in the microwave and they puff up, which is really really cool.  The ingredients are Pork Rind and dehydrated Cheese powder.  Natural and delicious.  Our new favorite treat.

MY LITTLE WOLF DOG TREATS.  TURKEY BLISS.  No corn or wheat.  Source of DHA.  The puppy loves them and they are the perfect size for training treats.

SLURPABOWLS.  PORTABLE RECYCLABLE DOG BOWLS.  Ingenious and perfect for the warm months.  You can attach it to your leash and fold it out to be a food or water bowl.  They are easy to assemble and hold 2 cups of water.  Box of 6.  Going straight into the car for those dog emergencies.

SLURP N FRESH ORAL HYGIENE SOLUTION.  Just add to water.  Dogs didn’t notice the taste.  Helps eliminate bad breath, reduce plaque and tartar.

SPOT DURABRITE DOG TOY.  Two balls in one.  Dog consensus is love it.


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