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Always a a delight when the POPSUGAR box arrives.  Full of tasty, useful and chic products.


CITRUS ZINGER by ZING ANYTHING.  I was about to buy one when it miraculously showed up in this box.  Press lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit into your water bottle.  BPA free plastic bottle with a handle.  28 ounces to keep you hydrated.

ST. TROPEZ PERFUME by SMELLBENT.  Light scent of jasmine and coconut.  Transports you to the islands with one whiff.  A perfect scent for summer.

SKINNY STICKS MULTIGRAIN SWEET ONION.  Yum.  Less than 4 calories per stick, but try eating less than 10 at a time.  Still they are nutritious and delicious snack alternative.

OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS NAIL LACQUER in Pool Boy blue.  Fantastic color for summer.  Applies easily and evenly.  Chip resistant.  100 percent vegan and cruelty free.

KERRY CASSILL EYE MASK.  Made of soft voile cotton with an adorable design.  Comfortable and completely blocks out the light.

TONE IT UP from BRAVO’S TONED UP.  DVD with 2 30 minute workouts to burn calories and tone up your body.  High energy, calorie burning workouts that help those problem areas.


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