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TASTE TRUNK PREMIER GOURMET TRUNK.  A one time trunk.  A Gourmet Trunk is available in a regular and a premier subscription.  I have been very impressed by the curation of each of the Taste Trunk varieties.  Their attention to detail, as well as, curation of products.

STICKY FINGER BAKERIES. WILD BLUEBERRY MUFFIN MIX.  All natural ingredients with wild blueberries from Maine that taste as if you just picked them.  Makes truly delicious muffins.

STRAWBERRY HONEY MUSTARD DIP by TERRAPIN RIDGE.  Who knew you could add strawberries to mustard and create such a wonderful concoction.  Comes with a recipe card for Croquet Monsieur! which I will try soon.  For now I simply added it to chucks of cheese for a delicious snack.

ELKI’S ARTICHOKE PIQUILLO BRUSCHETTA.  After one taste we ate it all with blue corn chips.  Juicy, spicy, delectable.  I need more now.

SAUCY MAMA SWEET HEAT MARINADE.  A tangy, zesty glaze or dip.  Works with meats and vegetables.  Haven’t tried it yet, but considering how great everything else in the trunks are I can’t wait.

HIMALAYAN SALT BLOCK.  Can be used as a cooking slab.  Just heat oven to 350 degrees and heat the slab for 15 minutes.  Then you can place your meat on it and cook, sear or season.


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