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BOHEME BEAUTY FROM PETIT VOUR.  Once again they outdo themselves on providing high end organic vegan beauty products.  I have discovered more great things since my subscription started.

Petit Vour now has it’s own online shop and points system.

LILY LOLO EYE SHADOW QUAD.  Fabulous colors silky powder. UK produced natural shadow made predominantly of mica and jojoba seed oil.  Adds a light touch or you can layer it on for more dramatic eyes.

JANE SCRIVNER SKIN ELIXIR.  S often ing jojoba oil with 9 essential oils.   A lovely facial moisturizer, however, it is a little too oily for me for daywear. Feels fantastic around my eyes, no irritation, so a nightly application for me.

KIMBERLY PERRY ORGANICS CREAMY CLEANSER. Part of the Sea Organics line.  This cleanser is creamy and full of sea minerals and vitamins.  My face felt clean and fresh.  Love the scent.

HARVEY PRINCE YOGINI FRAGRANCE.  Normally I am a Harvey Prince fan, but I found this fragrance to smell like one of the old and off bottles of perfume at my grandmothers house.  Maybe it was just the sample gone bad?


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