Spring is finally here.  So naturally my thoughts go to the many farmer’s markets and stands that pop up all around my adopted city of Louisville.  From our many organic farmer’s and ranchers to our wonderful organic Amish and Mennonite communities.  Buy Local is our mantra here in Louisville, and there are so many fantastic choices.

if you have never tasted a real chicken raised free, organically and drug free you have never really tasted a chicken.  No they are not those giant chickens that look like turkey’s.  (Speaking of which a wild turkey almost took out my windshield earlier this week but some judicious driving left us both unscathed.) A real chicken is so mouth watering tasty.  I have been eating quite a bit of local goat recently too, not just our delectable local goat cheeses.  The grass fed beef and bison are available year round, as well as our grass fed cow’s milk. Once again organic, drug free, gmo feed free and pesticide free.  Best of all the myriad of fresh eggs available that you don’t have to refrigerate.  Always a sucker for the blue ones.

Anyway, I am biting at the bit for our locally grown produce.  Organically grown on pesticide free land using only natural fertilizer.  Local honeys, sorghum, corn meal, etc… The many relishes, jams, salsas, etc…  All of this often cheaper in price than the local supermarkets, especially when purchased from the Amish and Mennonites.  The choices in heirloom produce are amazing.  With the popularity of real  food the accessibility to this bounty just gets easier and easier.

This summer buy local, buy organic and learn to love your food again.

Oh yeah, and it’s the season of Derby.  So if you are visiting, welcome, and you all enjoy your time in our great city.



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