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okay, I leave the writing of these boxes to my teenage son, so here he goes.

POCKY STICKS.  Used to eat these as a kid, forgot how good they are.  Chocolate crackers, need I say more.

FLING GAME CONTROLLER FOR IPAD BY TEN ONE DESIGN.  It’s see through so you attach it to your iPad by the sucker cups and it gives you a virtual joystick to play your games.  It really works, which is good, since so many other products don’t.  Took about a second to figure out.  I like it.

IRONMAN 3 128GB USB FLASHDRIVE BY INFOTHINK. Sweet.  Definitely taking this one to school.

WATERPROOF BLUETOOTH SHOWER SPEAKER WITH MICROPHONE.  Just suction cup it to the wall and you can listen to music or talk on the phone even in the shower. Had no problem running it with my iPhone.

total value of box $112. Not bad.



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