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FUNKO GAME OF THRONES MYSTERY MINI.  Got a dragon, got a dragon.

HARCO LABS DRAGON JERKY.  Really cool, but I’m not eating it, it’s green.

SYMBOITE STUDIOS & BETHESDA ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE EXCLUSIVE FIGURE.  The Nord is looking at my dragon with stink eye and a sword in his hand.  Back off dragon slayer.

DRAGON SLAYER DOGTAG.  You’ve got to earn this to wear it.

20 SIDED STRESS DICE.  I’m 13 I need this more than you can imagine.

DRAGON SHIELD SCREEN CLEANER.  Can you believe my mother stole this to keep in her purse.  Seriously, lady.  She claims I owe her.

20 SIDED POLYHEDRAL DICE.  My mom mumbled something about dungeons and dragons.  Huh! She mumbled something about old school. Huh! I like Loot Crate’s idea of how many more hours to play.  My mother shot it down to minutes. Huh!


Like the crate.  Don’t watch Game of Thrones, that’s my mom and grandma.  Elder scrolls my way older brother.  Still I like the Loot, but will probably be cleaned out by the “old folks”.




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