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Tasting Box
Tasting Box

This months cooking inspirations include:

TONEWOOD MAPLE FLAKES.  Vermont maple syrup flakes.  All the taste of maple syrup in a crunchy little flake.  These are brilliant.

O OLIVE OIL FIG BALSAMIC VINEGAR.  Made with California olives and figs, slow aged in Sonoma oak.   This vinegar is slightly syrupy and dazzlingly delicious. Poured a little over a berry salad.  Have a hundred ideas on how to work this into my menus.

MURPHYS MUSTARD.  Another treat from California.  Who would have thought putting cinnamon into mustard would result in something so intriguing?  Fried up some “Jimmy Buff’s” hot dogs, for those not familiar with New Jersey’s greatest it is onions, peppers, potatoes, hot dogs and a hoagie, and added this mustard.  Yum.

DELTA BLUE BLUEBERRIES ORGANIC BLUEBERRY SPREAD.  Even more from California.  This spread must have started out as some blueberries.  Used these as the filling for blinis for desert tonight, topped with sour cream sprinkled with the TONEWOOD maple flakes.

ELBOW FOODS GLICCO’S ARRABBIATA PASTA GRAVY.  All natural, preservative free with fresh tomatoes, garlic, onions, bell peppers, honey and herbs.  Will let you know how it rates when I use it sometime this week for a quick pasta lunch.

TWO SNOOTY CHEFS Italiano de Capri.  Blended spices and herbs curated with expertise.  While normally I grind and mix my own spices and fresh herbs, it is nice to try other versions and learn something new.  Okay, and sometimes I am too lazy or too hurried.  It is great to find a blend that suits my taste.


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