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My first box from Saffron Rouge.  Dedicated to the flowers of Spring.  A collection of pure botanicals.

LOTUS WEI MISTS. I have become a stone cold addict of Lotus Wei since I was first introduced a month ago.  These mists in Inspired Action (citrusy) and Joy Juice are delicate and inspiring.  These mists will come in handy on hot days to spruce myself up, or can be sprayed on my pillowcase before I go to bed.  These come in serums, mists and elixirs (5 drops under the tongue).  It is flower alchemy, so they say.  Sorry I don’t believe in alchemy, but I do believe that certain scents can be evocative if you let them.  So call it what you will if it works.

MAI COUTURE LAVENDER BLOTTING PAPERS.  Perfect purse size help combat oil and shine during the day.

RED FLOWER OCEAN BODY LOTION.  Botanical blend of cardamom, laurel leaf, eucalyptus, and clove bud in a creamy Shea butter lotion.

VAPOUR MESMERIZE EYELINER.  In a rich plum color.  Eyeliner contains chamomile and doesn’t irritate even the most sensitive eyes.  Smoothly applies and the stick has a blending tool on opposite end.

INIKA CREME EYESHADOW.  In champagne color.  Aloe Vera base that hydrates while illuminating your eyelid.

WELEDA WILD ROSE BODY OIL.  Rose Damascena body oil.  Soaks right into your skin.  Hydrate and smell delicious all at the same time.


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