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Another very sweet box.  I assume it is the large.

SOPHIE & SPARROW Shark Tooth Necklace. Brass. 32 inch chain.  A very lovely and detailed shark tooth.  I really love this necklace, unfortunately mine came with a shorter chain that is knotted closed (no clasp) and does not fit over my head.  I assume it is a defective chain and fancy will take care of it.

TKO ORLOGIE Skeleton Mechanical watch.  This watch is, quite simply, beautiful.  Has been keeping excellent time since I set it last night.  Stopped wearing watches ages ago, but this is a funky piece of jewelry and I’ll be happy to wear a watch again.

CHUNKY KNIT INFINITY SCARF.  Soft, warm and chic.  Love it.

SQUARE JELLYFISH COMBO PACK with mini tripod and sun shield.  Brilliant.  Could have used this in Florida last week.  Instead it came in handy at the airshow yesterday.  The sun shield worked exceptionally well.

All in all an exceptional value for the money, with chic, fun and useful items.


3 thoughts on “FANCY MYSTERY BOX WOMEN’S Large

  1. Well I got mine today and it had the scarf, watch and snapfish phone thing – that’s it and it weighed 2lbs. The sheet says that it’s a $10 mystery box. The watch alone is worth $95 so I’m happy but disappointed at the same time.

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