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Spring is in the:

BLUE AVOCADO CO. ECO SHOPPER.  Lovely, light and sturdy fadorable floral collapsible tote bag for all your farmer’s market produce.

CALDREA HAND SOAP  in rose water driftwood scent to clean up with.

FRESH PASTRY STAND Totally Awesome tea towel set in bright blue and green graphic print.  Yes one says TOTALLY, the other AWESOME.

NATUREBOX TRAIL MIX made for POPSUGAR.  A tasty combination of almonds, soybeans, corn and cranberries.

GRAPHIC IMAGE POCKET NOTEBOOK. Another POPSUGAR exclusive.  Chic and handy.

TWO FACED NATURAL EYES eyeshadow palette.  Every shade a winner.  Lovely nature enhancing shadow for a put together look.

An absolutely delightful box full of useful things.  Nothing will go to waste. Once again POPSUGAR knows what you need.


if you are interested in subscribing please use my referral link and hook me up with some extra points.


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