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SPOT DURA-BRITE CHEW BALL.  Dog toy ball with raised edges to clean teeth during play.  Has a hollow interior for hiding snacks.

THE FIFTH PAW HANDS FREE DOODY BAG HOLDER.  Attaches to flat leash to hold the doody bag.

THE HONEST KITCHEN SWEETHEART TREATS.  Dried haddock from Iceland.  Smells disgusting, so the dogs really LOVE them.

IN CLOVER GRIN DENTAL HEALTH CHEWS.  Soft dental chews.  Dogs love these too, go secret spit outs.

LIFE IS PAWFECT by ROBERT SEMROW.  Pet world publishing.  Lots of pictures of dogs being humiliated in costumes on staged sets.  Not my cup of tea, but from what I see on the internet lots of people enjoy this sort of thing.


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