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Shake Shake Shake...
Shake Shake Shake…


W&P DESIGN’S MASON SHAKER.  Already got one in a different Fancy box, but this shaker is so uber cool and the hit of the party, two will work perfectly.  Still bought a box of mason jars to drink from and just switch out the shaker top for each drink.  I like drinking out of mason jars and now so do my guests.

SHAKE COCKTAIL BOOK.  Written by the W&P Design guys.  Which came first the shaker or the book?  Anyway, to supplement your imagination and cocktail skill set.  Lots of fantastic photos that serve as recipes, and some written recipes too.  Actually the coolest cocktail book I’ve seen since a few printed in the 50’s.

BLUE & CREAM CHANGE PLATE “A girl should be two things, Classy and Fabulous.  Coco Chanel”. Little messages around the house of just how fab I am, can’t be a bad thing, right?


SUCK UK BOTTLELIGHT.  OK, this is really really cool and useful.  You charge it USB and stick in an empty bottle.  Voila, an LED lamp.  I need to collect more bottles, more colors.  More bottlelights.  Forget messing with candles.  My outdoor parties will be thus lit.



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