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An Irish Vacation in a Box.
PLEASE SEE.           An Irish Vacation in a Box.

MOON TRAVEL GUIDE IRELAND.  More than just a travel guide, an Irish lifestyle guide.  Don’t just visit, live in Ireland like a native.

O’NEILLS SHAMROCK SHORTBREAD COOKIES.  So light and delectable they melt in your mouth.  Cute shamrock shaped.

BEWLEY’S GIFT OF THE GAB IRISH TEA.  The scent of this tea filled my house with goodness.  The taste was even better.  This is what tea is supposed to be.

BEWLEY’S IRISH CREME COFFEE.  I am drinking this coffee as I write.  Black, as the coffee itself is all the flavor you need.  There is a very good reason BEWLEY’S has been in business since 1927.  Their coffees and teas are superb.

BUTLER’S MILK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE.  A true luxury chocolate, smooth and creamy.  Subtle taste of mint.  My mouth is still savoring, salivating.

HOGAN’S BROWN IRISH SODA BREAD mix.  Haven’t baked it yet, but if the other products in this box are any indication this will be delicious.

HUMAN + KIND FAMILY REMEDY CREAM.  Made from all natural ingredients two applications have already soothed and reduced the patches on my elbows (my go to try out efficacy spot).  They say it is good for skin irritations, burns, acne scars and sunburn, so I am packing it to go to Florida with us.  Will keep you posted after the inevitable spring break sunburn.

AULD SOD SHAMROCK SEEDS.  Who doesn’t need some shamrocks in their life?


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