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PLEASE SEE.                  Le Boutique Box

This box just gets better and better every month.  From their adorable packaging to the products included the box is a wonderful surprise of vegan goodies to fall in love with.  This month the theme is “Le Boutique” with high end samples from smaller companies.  Petit Vour also has opened their online shop to purchase these products.  Included this month:

CALIFORNIA NATUREL all natural gentle cleansing gel, balancing complex, and nourishing cream.  Wow, the quality of the ingredients and the use of these products blew me away.  My face feels very special.

LOTUS WEI   Balancing Serum.  I received the Pure Energy Serum in a large sample spray bottle.  The subtle citrus scent is addicting.  The oils very hydrating and soothing.

LAFACE  Hydrating and Firming Body Lotion, 2 samples.  One package covered both legs top to bottom.  Nice texture, non irritating, scent less.  Just my kind of all body moisturizer.

I.C.O.N.  India Hair Oil.  Another amazingly scented oil in a large sample bottle.  People will follow you just to smell your hair.   Very light on the hair.  I have very fine straight hair and this worked perfectly.

NCLA Nail file/buffer board and Nail Wraps.


One thought on “PETIT VOUR BOX. MARCH 2014

  1. Hey, congrats! I nominate you for the Liebster Award. It’s a really fun way to get to know other bloggers and blogs. If you’ve never heard of it just Google it real quick and then head over to my blog for the details. And I’ve never heard of this box before, I’m definitely going to look it up, it looks really nice.


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