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Happy Birthday to me.

This month the Fancy Food Box theme is Movie Night.

First the drinks:

A delightful Mason Jar Shaker designed in Brooklyn, yet perfect here in Louisville.  Best part the top is interchangeable with any mason jar so you can do the mint juleps and the pink and black cocktail at the same time.

Pink and Black Cocktail Mix by Owl’s Brew.  A tea crafted for booze, perfect.  Darjeeling, hibiscus, lemon peel, strawberry and agave.  Tried a sip and it will be ever so enhanced by a touch or three of vodka.

McClure’s Potato Chips, always the best chips.  Wait, In garlic Dill Pickle flavor?  YES YES YES.  So good.

NUNU CHOCOLATES.  Fancy turned me on to this brand and they did it again with chocolate flavored Graham’s.  These guys make THE chocolate you just don’t share.

Just Caramel a package each of original caramel and pecan caramel.  Fancy says they are the best caramels we’ve ever had.  Fancy don’t lie.

TUMBRADOR Hazlenut Dragee.  Roasted hazelnuts with a dusting of dark chocolate.  I thought I didn’t like hazelnuts until I put one in my gob.  Oh my.

Columbia River Tart Cherries.  Columbia River continues to provide the best dried fruit on the planet.  No other compares.


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