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Bravest  Warriors Theme Box
Bravest Warriors Theme Box

Full of Bravest Warriors and Frederator loot.  If you haven’t seen the show, watch it.

GPS Cinch Bag by Frederator and Loot Crate Labs.  Nice size and well made.  Handy and extra cool.

Bravest Warriors Collectible Pin.  Seriously, who even has this.  I do!

Bravest Warriors Bow Tie by Frederator and Black Tie Geek.  Unfortunately, still a little young to pull this off, so my Silicon Valley older brother has called dibs.

Alpha Battle T-shirt. Mine,mine,mine… Soft, comfortable and great design.  Find your favorite game characters, designed by the amazing James Cho.

Bravest Warrior sticker and Digital Comic from Comixology.  Watch it, read it, and stick it.

Bot Blind vinyl collectible.  Didn’t get a warrior, got a basketball player.  Will do here in basketball land.

Bacon Love Card.  Pretty funny.

Overall a great box.  Bravest Warriors Rules. (Adventure Time too).


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