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NEW YORK Theme Box
NEW YORK Theme Box. “Escape to New York”

This box put me into a New York State of mind.  Nice,  since I am a displaced native New Yorker.

MOON NEW YORK CITY GUIDE.  Pleasantly useful with lots of local neighborhood maps of Manhattan.  Never get lost again.

BROOKLYN STUDIO TRAVEL TIN CANDLE.  Artisan candle of soy and essential oils.  Great scent, not overwhelming.  I am amazed at how many fine products are coming out of Brooklyn these days, plus it is THE place to see and be seen these days.

FLINT CREEK GOOD SKIN BLEND SOAP. Handmade organic soap from the Finger Lakes district.  Feels wonderful, cleanses well, no skin irritation.  Really large bar, a bargain, at $3 retail.  Highly recommended.

BETTER BRITTLE WEST AFRICAN STYLE PEANUT BRITTLE.  The only peanut brittle  I’ll ever eat again.  Made with cane sugar syrup and magic.  I can’t begin to describe how delicious this is.

KANEPEKIES PECKIGRAM COOKIES.  What an incredibly clever concept.  Mail a box of these cookies in lieu of a card, just slap an address and postage on the box and it is ready to go.  Oh, and the cookies are very tasty too.

NEW YORK TAXI TREARS COOKIES.  Forget animal crackers, there are now Taxi Tina’s taxi shaped cookies.

SUNDAES BEST HOT FUDGE SAUCE.  No need to go to Saratoga for that hot fudge sundae.  A jar of goodness for home.

And, of course, an I LOVE NEW YORK sticker to round off the NY experience.


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