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Love is in the hare...
Love is in the hare…

Wow, what a charming box From the packaging to the contents.  Extremely well coordinated and thought out.  Everything is a favorite in this box.

Amala Purify Blue Lotus Facial Cleansing, Moisturizing and Mask samples.  2 sets.  After this harsh winter my skin just soaked it up and it is nice to have another set for next week.

Everyday Minerals.  2 gems.  The Sunlight corrector concealer powder which also makes a great eye shadow and the tinted lip butter, which should be called lip salvation.

Ofra pressed blush.  A lively natural color that is just the right pick-me-up for winter whitened skin making my face seem alive again (without looking like a rouged doll).

R.L. Linden & Co. “Ms. Tilly Rosalie’s Beauty Tea”.  They say to boil some water and put in the tea, I have a facial steamer and used it in that.  Not only did my skin feel great, but my lungs cleared up and the house smelled fantastic.  Three for one how can you go wrong.


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