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LOOT CRATE January 2014

Loot Crate. January 2014
Loot Crate. January 2014

My teenager went and got the mail without my even asking, braving that long walk in subzero weather in anticipation of the Loot Crate.  He was not disappointed.

Minecraft 2014 Mini Calendar (16 months) by Dateworks.  This was the super prize in the box with 16 pictures from Minecraft that made him laugh and made his day.

Launch January 2014 is the Loot Crate Mini Magazine full of articles about their Launching a Loot Crate to Space, how cool is that?  There is even a video online which is a must watch.  An interview with Nasa engineer, Bobak Ferdowski.  Looter photos, movie news, featured artist and even a crossword.  Of course, also their Epic Mega Crate which some lucky bastard won (not us).  There’s always next time.

Nasa Space Patch, embroidered cloth, already sewn onto his coat.

Star Wars Pocket Model and trading cards.  Too complicated for me.  A cardboard model to build trading cards and an online game.   Homework, what homework?

Pop Heroes Vinyl Superman figure.  Super stylish and already next to his computer.

Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book and Travel Guide.  Geebawa do Korda numa.

Loot Crate Launch Pin.  Commemorating their epic launch in space.

Star Trek Cloth Sticker.

Rubik’s Cube Melting Sticker.


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