Subscription boxes.

Conscious Box January 2014

Conscious Box
Conscious Box. January 2014

A very eclectic box.

Mighty Leaf Tea 3 bags on each of Organic Earl Grey, Organic Mint Melange (just the right balance of mint) and Spring Jasmine.  Mighty Teas rock.  They smell and taste delicious.  Cannot get enough.

Numi Organics Tea.  My absolute favorite tea makers.  Part of their savory teas series a Spinch Chive flavored decaffeinated veggie tea.  It smelled great, but I was skeptical.  believe it or not it was really good and satisfying on a frigid afternoon.

Nature’s Bakery Kosher Raspberry Fig Bar.  Organic, non GMO, dairy and cholesterol free, no trans fats and delicious.  I love figs and you can really taste them in this bar.  Was going to save one for later, but…

Bulumu All Natural Granola in Orange ginger & cranberry.  Really nice sized go pack perfect with yogurt cup.

Boundless nutrition Oatmeal Bar in Vanilla Almond.   14 g protein, all natural omega 3, 190 calories, really sweet tasting and delicious, but too many calories for me. Didn’t stop me from eating the whole bar in one sitting.

Naked $100 voucher if you spend $160.  Great deal for a case of wine.

Nordic Naturals Vitamin D Gummies.  We do all our vitamins by gummy.  These were very tasty and chock full of vitamin.

Nordic naturals Omega 3 Jellies.  Tasty and good for you too.

Altered Food. Com Black Truffle Chocolate Truffle.  It’s chocolate, it’s good.

Raw Juvenate Organic Super Greens Dietary Supplement.  Raw Vegan drink mix with Alfalfa, Barley, Wheat, Spirulina, Spinach and Gingko.  Used it as supplement to my morning juice with fresh veggies and fruit.  It melded well into a great drink.

Hemp Hearts Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds.  Surprisingly tasty.

Bumboosa Baby wipes.  Right into my handbag for those emergencies.

MRM CRAM dietary supplement vegetarian but with caffeine.  To help maintain focus and reaction time.  Just not my thing.

Last round Hangover support.  Also just not for me.


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