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Out of the Box January 2014

ImageOut of the Box “License  to Chill” Sampler.

A true sample box with very little in the way of usable samples.  A nice .5 oz jar of Naturally Southern Homemade Goat Milk Lotion.  This lotion went on smoothly and absorbed beautifully and had only a light pleasant natural scent.  Loved it.  Very yummy dog biscuits (according to two different dogs) by Waggy Butt Dog Treats.  So delicious the fat dog sat beneath the dog treats for several hours until he finally got another one.  A lovely sugar scrub 5.5 oz by B & e Soap & Scrub company in Mango flavor.  Very very sweet Smelling. Restored Designs included a clever assortment of repurposed items, including mini file folders and ribboned paper clips.  Art Altered a cute little hand mirror.  With the exception of a few items the bulk of the sampler is wax tarts, not candles.  i understand this sampler was sponsored by Denise creations, so it was a little heavy on the wax tart/ pseudo candle samples.  All look and smell very nice  are virtually useless for my purposes.

This is an Etsy sample box.  Many Etsy sellers have fabulous products for sale.  This sample box just felt very preteen crafty to me, and did not even motivate me to look at many of the sellers wares on the website.


One thought on “Out of the Box January 2014

  1. Hello,
    My name is Maren and I am the owner of Waggy Butt Dog Treats. I am so glad to read that your dogs loved the treats!!! I even had a good chuckle about the “fat”one!! My dog Ramona does the same thing when I am baking them!! She knows if she stays long enough she’ll get a few!!
    Thanks again,
    Maren Gilrud
    Waggy Butt Dog Treats,LLC


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